On Demand Webinar: LNG Market Scenarios in Winter and Beyond | December 14

Heading into winter, the global LNG market appears surprisingly well-balanced given the past year’s turmoil. However, much will depend on global temperatures over the next few months and the ability of the market to adapt as circumstances change.

Join a global panel of Poten analysts as we discuss the current state of the market and scenarios for the coming winter. We’ll also touch on prospects for the development of new capacity and current contract levels.

Topics to be addressed include:


• Current state of European storage and demand • Short-term infrastructural developments and what these could mean to ease European supply constraints •  How will Europe secure supply if importers continue to be reluctant to sign long-term contracts? Is reluctance fading? •  Likelihood and consequences of capping TTF & LNG prices


•  Chinese LNG demand outlook remains gloomy in the near term but what are the uncertainties? Can we expect Chinese buying to come back strongly in summer 2023? •  The disconnect between Brent-linked Asian deals announced recently and the higher levels that sellers are seeking. Do recent deals mean we have reached equilibrium? •    Asian storage levels appear to be very high. How might this affect global markets and Europe’s ability to restock after the winter?


•    There has been a real slowdown in US contracting since the summer but negotiations are continuing. What pricing levels are under discussion? •    Which projects are likely to move to FID in the near term?

December 14, 2022

9 AM Houston | 10 AM New York | 3 PM London |

5 PM Athens | 6 PM Doha | 7 PM Dubai |

11 PM Perth/Singapore


Jason FeerGlobal Head of Business Intelligence


– Sergio Chapa, Senior LNG analyst, Americas – Piers de Wilde, Senior LNG analyst, Europe – Irwin YeoSenior LNG analyst, Asia-Pacific


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