LNG in World Markets

Poten & Partners’ LNG in World Markets is the premier source of business intelligence and commercial analysis for the LNG industry and markets.
This monthly service combines in-depth analysis of news and industry trends with detailed data on supply and demand, global LNG trade and markets.
Our coverage includes:

Trade & prices
Clients receive exclusive information on the latest term and spot deals. Our analysts capture information on commercial contract terms and how they are evolving. And we provide detailed coverage of the spot markets with data and analysis on market fundamentals, price levels and trade flows.

Projects, facilities and technology
We provide unique knowledge of the commercial and technical details of a wide range of global projects pertaining to the entire LNG supply chain. This insightful analysis provides understanding that you cannot get anywhere else.

The development of the LNG business has been closely tied to – and constrained by – the development of LNG shipping capacity. As new ships come on line, LNG in World Markets is providing actionable business intelligence on this evolving sector. Coverage includes ship spot trading activity, tonnage plans for LNG export ventures, shipyard activity, fleet employment prospects and technology developments.

Country & company notes
The global LNG business continues to be driven by private sector investment and shaped by the policy decisions that governments make. Poten analysts track the investment pipelines for new projects from inception to completion and provide detailed analysis along the way. And we pay careful attention to the decisions that governments make that may affect specific projects or the entire industry.

LNG in World Markets provides extensive support for participants of all kinds in the LNG industry, including:

• Upstream developers
• Importers
• Gas buyers
• Equity investors
• Shipping companies
• Shipyards
• Construction firms
• Financial institutions

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