BI Poten Webinar: Hydrogen, Ammonia, and Methanol – The Answers to Decarbonisation?| July 17

Daniella Green
As the world moves toward decarbonisation, significant changes are required in the energy generation sector, in which LNG plays an essential role. In the pursuit of sustainable and low-carbon energy solutions, hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol are emerging as significant players. Are these fuels the answer to decarbonisation? Join Aline Ingram and Eduard Lindner, Senior Consultants, Hydrogen, Ammonia and Methanol from Poten & Partners as they explore these alternative fuels and assess their viability for the future. This webinar will cover:
  • How do hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol help meet global decarbonisation goals?
  • What are the latest advancements and challenges in producing hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol?
  • What are the current and future market drivers for these fuels?
  • What infrastructure is needed for handling these fuels, and what could be the implications for the LNG industry?
9 AM Houston | 10 AM New York | 3 PM London | 5 PM Athens | 6 PM Doha | 7 PM Dubai | 11 PM Perth/Singapore Speakers:
  • Aline Ingram, Senior Consultant
  • Eduard Lindner, Senior Consultant
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