Liquefied Petroleum Gas

There are few global markets that have undergone as much change in recent years as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Enormous growth in supply volumes from the United States, the Middle East and other regions has altered the traditional global trade routes and is leading to a transformation of the global petrochemicals sector.

The continued development of shale resources in North America has led to a surge of production of natural gas liquids (NGL). Growing supplies of ethane and propane in particular have transformed the US petrochemicals sector from a sunset industry into one of the most dynamic segments of the global chemicals business.

Led by large investments in infrastructure on the Gulf Coast and East Coast, the US is rapidly becoming one of the leading NGL exporters in the world as US ethane moves to Europe and US producers export large volumes of propane to supply propane dehydrogenation (PDH) projects in Asia.

With decades of experience in this global market and a deep understanding of the technical and commercials dynamics of the LPG industry, Poten & Partners provides clients with a wide range of services tailored to meet their unique needs.

LPG Ship  & Commodity Brokerage

Poten’s liquefied petroleum gas brokers are active throughout all vessel segments from VLGCs to smaller semi-refrigerated vessels as well as in the purchase and sale of LPG worldwide.  Our team of professionals canvasses the market constantly and provides clients with global intelligence on transportation of liquefied petroleum gas.  We arrange spot and term charters and develop contracts of affreightment to suit clients’ specific requirements. In addition, we are active in the sale and purchase of liquefied petroleum gas carriers.

 LPG Consulting

Our team of consultants assists clients in LPG, NGL and related liquefied gas industries including basic petrochemicals. Supported by comprehensive research, consulting services include analysis of the interface between NGLs and petrochemicals production, recommendations on marketing and shipping strategies, and provide guidance on new investment opportunities.

Poten also has been instrumental in developing numerous large shipping projects. Assignments have included shipyard contracts for new construction and vessel conversions, sales and purchases of individual ships as well as entire fleets, transportation swaps, floating storage arrangements, and long-term charters for the transportation of crude oil, refined products, LNG and LPG.

Business Intelligence Products

Poten’s LPG in World Markets provides comprehensive information, analysis and data on the global LPG and LPG freight markets.

The report provides global coverage of contract and spot LPG prices, supply and demand, spot transactions, shipping fixtures and trends, and monthly fundamentals data for the major LPG markets.

Clients benefit from in-depth features and analysis on key issues affecting the industry, developments in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the Americas. Particular emphasis is placed on industry trends and fundamentals analysis of trade flows and supply and demand. Analysis of the emerging ethane global trade sector has been a recent addition to this publication.

Every issue of LPG in World Markets includes:

  • LPG contract and spot prices
  • LPG spot transactions
  • LPG shipping fixtures and trends
  • Monthly LPG export and import volumes for the major producing and consuming regions
  • Industry developments and trends

First published in 1980, LPG in World Markets is critical reading for participants in the international LPG markets, strategic planners, operations teams, project developers and market analysts.

The report is published monthly. Subscribers also receive the LPG Yearbook, released in the first quarter of each year, which summarizes and reviews the past year’s events.

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