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From the industry’s early commercial activities, Poten & Partners has been the premier service provider for the global LNG and natural gas business. Poten offers a wide range of products and services; ship brokerage, consulting, capital services and business intelligence products all of which provide market participants with a competitive edge in this dynamic and ever-changing industry.

LNG is one of the fastest growing global commodities, with trades expected to increase by nearly 7% per year through 2020. There are more supply projects under development than ever before, with opportunities for spot and short-term trading complementing the traditional long-term contract structure of the industry. The proliferation of new business models and opportunities are bringing new participants into the sector with very different cost structures and dynamics compared to the incumbents.

LNG Ship Brokerage

Poten & Partners is a global leader in LNG ship brokerage services, providing hands on proven commercial execution services. We are uniquely positioned to provide market expertise that is built upon years of experience advising and transacting with the leading LNG shipping industry participants. Poten brokers identify, develop and implement real time LNG shipping strategies for clients, working with them throughout each phase of the opportunity.

We understand the complex dynamics of the LNG markets offering our clients both technical and commercial skills necessary for developing, implementing and negotiating strategies. Our execution expertise ranges from LNG chartering activity to vessel sale and purchase and newbuildings to assessing and evaluating the current shipping and shipbuilding market trends.

Our Sale & Purchase team focuses on newbuilding contracting and second hand sales for various tonnage types with a particular focus on LNG carriers and oil tankers. Given our extensive relationships with shipowners, charterers, shipyards and financial institutions, Poten is uniquely positioned to provide our clients with timely information and research on market developments relating to vessel requirements, shipyard availability, recent transactions, key financial indicators, as well as strategic advice. Working closely with Poten Capital Services, gives us the ability to offer advanced financial modelling and credit structuring allowing us to better assist our clients with execution of vessel acquisitions and employment strategies.

Capital Services

Poten Capital Services, LLC (registered with FINRA) and Poten Capital Services (UK) Ltd. (registered with the FSA) combines financial and industry expertise to provide a broad range of advisory services to shipping industry participants, financial institutions and the investment community. These services include advice and execution on public offerings, private placements, M&A, fleet sales and sale and charterback transactions.

Our in-depth understanding of shipping companies and financial markets enables us to assist in all phases of capital raising, transaction structuring and execution. Building upon Poten’s marine transportation expertise and sale and purchase market information, we also focus on the development of complex fleet sales and M&A opportunities for both public and private ship owners.

LNG & Natural Gas Advisory

With the largest and most experienced team of LNG and natural gas advisors in the world, Poten is ideally suited to provide a wide range of services to participants in the natural gas industry. We provide advice across the entire value chain; from gas supply, pipelines and liquefaction plants to shipping, terminals, trading and gas marketing.

To learn more about our LNG & Natural Gas advisory services, visit our dedicated landing page here.

For technical, engineering and cost estimating expertise, visit our Merlin Advisors subsidiary at merlinadvisors.com

Business Intelligence Products

LNG in World Markets

LNG in World Markets is the leading source of business intelligence and commercial analysis for the LNG industry and markets.

This monthly service combines in-depth analysis of news and industry trends with detailed data on supply and demand, global LNG trade and markets.

LNG Finance in World Markets

This quarterly publication provides in-depth information and analysis of the LNG funding activity. It also offers insights on deals that are being prepped for market behind the scenes.

This unique report offers clients detailed information and analysis on efforts to secure financing for global LNG projects as well as LNG-related infrastructure and transportations ventures.

Global LNG Outlook

Poten’s Global LNG Outlook is a forward-looking report that provides short and long term structural forecasts.

Organized by value chain segments, Poten’s Global LNG Outlook includes ongoing supply and demand balances as well as price forecasts. Clients receive quarterly forecasts for the next two years and annually for 10 years.

Poten’s Global LNG Outlook also includes forward-looking information on engineering, procurement and construction for projects that could have a significant impact on market fundamentals.

Clients also receive detailed analysis of the LNG shipping market, including information on new builds and how new technologies could affect global balances.

In addition to in-depth analysis of trends that are affecting the markets, Poten’s Global LNG Outlook includes a data package that contains all of the supply, demand and pricing data as well as a section highlighting the changes that Poten analysts have made to the forecasts since the last edition. This data packages enables clients to draw their own scenarios or modify Poten’s assumptions going forward.

Poten’s Global LNG Outlook is the only off-the-shelf product that offers this range of short and long-term forecasting.

 LNGas Database

The LNGas database is Poten’s premium LNG database. Clients receive access to extensive data series on supply, demand, trade, new and existing projects and global LNG prices and freight rates. All information can be searched by key criteria and can be exported into spreadsheets for additional analysis or inclusion in presentations. Information is accessible online via terminals or Poten’s new LNG app.

Trade – LNGas provides monthly trade and price information by country of export and import. The LNGas Cargo detail section includes unrivaled detail about importers and exports, import terminals, shipping, cargo volumes and prices.

Shipping – Poten’s LNG Fleet database is one of the most extensive and detailed available anywhere. With detailed specifications on more than 500 LNG carriers, clients have access to exclusive data on capacities, delivery dates, containment and propulsion systems and other key indicators.

Contracts – Poten’s LNGas database includes exclusive information on nearly 450 global LNG contracts. Details include buyers and sellers, contract terms, plateau volumes, start and end dates. Like all other data in LNGas, this data is searchable by all fields and can be exported.

LNG Projects – The LNGas database includes details on more than 160 export projects and 340 import terminals around the world. Data includes send-out capacity, location, berths and other logistics information, relevant technology information, sponsors and capacity holders and more.

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