LNG Market Outlook

Highly Actionable Short-Term Analysis  for LNG Markets

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Designed for success in a complex market, LNG Market Outlook provides tools combining proprietary models and data to identify market imbalances 18 months or more ahead, while there is still time to make effective decisions.

Each month, Poten’s LNG Market Outlook delivers:

Insights to help you manage risks and volatility in the evolving LNG markets

Forecasts and analysis of the next 18-24 months providing a unique perspective on market imbalances that will shape future trends

Intelligence to navigate the increasing complexity of LNG market structures and emerging new demand

Specialized data and market analysis to identify and seize new opportunities

Insight on Market Fundamentals

Global Supply

Tap Poten’s insight as new waves of LNG enter the global market

Traditional Importers

Understand demand growth as China, India and Southeast Asia drive global markets

New Consumers

Benefit from forward-looking analysis of likely shifts in trade flows

Arbitrage Economics

Gain insight as priorities shift in Japan, South Korea, and Western Europe

Critical Information Across the Value Chain

Poten’s LNG Market Outlook delivers valuable insight across the value chain, supporting market participants including LNG producers, end users, operations teams, project developers, aggregators, traders, analysts and strategic planners.

Rigorous Methodology and Analytics Underpin Forecasts

Bottom-up demand models
Poten’s decades of experience feeds into unique models that include demand from the power generation, industrial and other sectors.

Competitive fuel analysis
LNG must compete with pipeline gas, coal and renewables. Poten’s LNG Market Outlook provides an ongoing analysis of how these competing fuels will affect the LNG market.

Gas-on-gas competition
The largest LNG markets are also the most complex. Gain a critical understanding of the interplay between pipeline gas supply, domestic production and LNG imports in China and Western Europe.

Try the most robust source for forward-looking information to capture LNG market opportunities
When it comes to actionable analysis for LNG markets in the short-term, Poten’s LNG Market Outlook is the most trusted source for market forecasts, information and analysis. 
Gain access to insights that help you seize opportunities in the changing LNG markets. Request a complimentary trial of Poten’s LNG Market Outlook and find out how this critical forecasting and business intelligence service can help you drive commercial success in a volatile market

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Get to Know Poten’s LNG Business Intelligence Services

Actionable short term market intelligence

  • Monthly country-level forecasts
  • Global arbitrage analysis
  • Detailed data on future trade flows

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Analysis of LNG finance across the value chain

  • Annual ranking of LNG lenders
  • Detailed analysis of project lending
  • Intelligence on project finance structure
  • Insight on lending to the shipping sector

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A 10-year price, supply and demand forecast

  • 10-year projections
  • Bottom-up demand forecasts
  • LNG imports and exports
  • Special focus on shipping

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Insight on LNG markets, projects and the industry

  • Commercial and technical details of global projects across the value chain
  • Detailed coverage of spot markets with data and analysis on market fundamentals, price levels and trade flows
  • Shipping activity and technology developments

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