About Us

Who we are

For over 75 years we have been providing our clients with valuable insight into the international oil, gas and shipping markets. We are a team of experienced brokers, commercial and technical consultants, all of whom specialize in the energy and or ocean transportation industries.

We have 180 professionals located on four continents. Our global services include: ship and commodity brokerage, research, business intelligence, consulting and commercial advisory.


At Poten & Partners we do business the old fashioned way; listening carefully, challenging when appropriate and advising with honesty – even if it doesn’t result in a transaction. This is because the longevity of our client relationships is far more important to us than any short-term financial gain. It is through this traditional approach that we have achieved and maintained our reputation for integrity.

We work closely with our clients, building long-term relationships based on trust and mutual understanding. Getting to know a client’s business objectives is of paramount importance. It allows us to personalize our services.


To make the most informed choices, you need knowledge. Our dedicated teams of experts not only produce in-depth research reports using our proprietary databases, but also apply decades of market expertise offering unparalleled insight.

Knowing the facts, however, is not enough. The ability to understand and interpret them is crucial. Our commercial advisors and brokers understand the current marketplace and can provide valuable insight to enable better decision making. We use our market knowledge to assist our clients to implement transactions at the most appropriate time, for the best possible outcome.

With expert advisors, a network of global relationships and comprehensive market insight, Poten & Partners can help ensure that your objectives are realized.

Our Global Reach

Our offices are based in seven locations worldwide; Athens, Guangzhou, Houston, London, New York, Perth and Singapore. This global reach enables us to provide unparalleled access and insight into the world wide commodity, oil brokerage and shipping markets.

Our People

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