Liquefied Natural Gas

LNG Commodity Brokerage

Extensive experience in the global LNG market with a deep understanding of the commercial dynamics that drive decision-making for trading LNG. Poten’s LNG commodity brokers provide unparalleled expertise in the purchase and sale of LNG worldwide.

Combined with Poten’s expertise in LNG shipping and analytical capabilities, we provide innovative solutions tailored to the customer’s requirements. Our brokers have experience with commercial structures and can be used to in developing and implementing solutions in managing exposures to physical and financial risks.
From our offices in London, Singapore, Houston and Perth, Poten covers the global LNG market. Our team of professionals constantly canvas the market and provide clients with the market intelligence, insight and advice needed to make sound business decisions for the sale and purchase of LNG.

“Our highly experienced team works with clients to find tailored solutions for buying and selling LNG cargoes in a highly dynamic and oftentimes volatile market.”
Simon Papa 
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