Asphalt Consulting

Asphalt Market Research and Consulting

We are a chief publisher of pricing and supply/demand publications covering the asphalt market in the United States and Canada.  Our publications are used extensively by refiners, marketers, materials companies, road construction companies, state departments of transportation, financial institutions and investment entities.

In addition to our publications, we are a leading advisor to companies and countries seeking assistance in this highly specialized industry.  Our consultants combine years of experience and analytical skills to provide our clients with a comprehensive understanding of asphalt markets.  Our retainer services, publications and multi-client reports provide comprehensive asphalt market information, commercial intelligence, advice on pricing and marketing issues, assessments and forecasts of spot prices, and analyses of production and consumption statistics. We strive to maintain a high level of confidentiality with our clients.

For more information about our Asphalt Research and Consulting Services please contact Don Wessel


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