Carbon Credits/Offsets Brokerage

Together with our parent company BGC Partners, we bring decades of experience in the carbon markets and the maritime industry, providing the best solution for your new or existing emissions credit and offset requirements.

Our environmental desk has been operating since the inception of emissions markets in jurisdictions like California over 15 years ago.


We are experts in the structure, policy underpinning and transactional aspects of international emissions markets, our team transacted more than 370 million tons of CO2 credits and offsets in 2020.

370 million tons
CO2 credits and offsets in 2020

We continue to work closely together to provide a strong, credible and capable platform to the maritime sector and broader supply chain as emissions begin to offer new opportunities and potential revenue streams.

Together, Poten and BGC offer deal structuring and brokerage of energy assets across the environmental commodities markets in North America and Europe including transactions in:

Emission Reduction Credits

Carbon Offset Credits

Renewable Energy Credits (REC)

Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC)

Agricultural Biofuels

Water Rights and Related Credits

Catastrophe Derivatives

Additionally, BGC serves all of the world’s principal emissions markets, and emissions trading is a core business for BGC, and we routinely advise clients on the following:

NOX and SO2 Allowances
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative(RGGI)
California Carbon (CA)
Emission Reduction Credits (ERC)
Voluntary Carbon Credits or (VER)
EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS)


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