LNGas Database

Gain access to comprehensiveindustry-leading data on LNG projects, trade, shipping and economics with Poten’s LNGas Database 

Critical LNG Data for Robust Analysis 
Poten’s LNGas Database provides access to extensive data on LNG markets, projects and LNG shipping. This data drives insights across all facets of the LNG supply chain enabling users to assess the current state of the market and their plans for the future. 

Stay up to date and navigate volatility in LNG markets with continuous access to the most comprehensive and reliable information in the industry. 

Key features of Poten’s LNGas Database include: 

Detailed information on proposed and existing LNG projects 

Information on LNG contracts 

Extensive data on LNG supply & demand 

Comprehensive LNG shipping fleet data 

Monthly trade data and country-to-country flows

Get a comprehensive view on LNG market growth 
Poten has the most comprehensive information on global liquefaction and regasification with data on more than 600 existing or proposed projects.
Search key details including location, status, start date, capacity, number of trains, sponsors, ownership and more.  

Assess the trends in LNG supply and demand with the extensive data on global LNG trade 
View supply and demand data on a monthly or annual view including detail on country-to-country flows and trade grids. Toggle between importing country or exporting country to view details on trading partners and associated volumes over time with information on weighted average prices included for select countries.

Gain valuable insights into the rapidly changing
LNG shipping fleet
Comprehensive information on all currently active vessels as well as new vessels entering service, those being converted or scrappings. Search for vessels based on vessel name or IMO or take a broader view by searching on containment or propulsion system. The data set also includes information on charterers which is updated monthly.

Gain Access to Poten’s LNG Contracts Data
With more than 80 years in the business, Poten delivers the most robust industry data on LNG contracts. The LNGas Database provides you with access to information on over 650 LNG contracts, with details on export/import country, venture, buyer, terms, start/end year and volume.

Subscribe to Poten’s LNGas Database

Poten & Partners is specialized with deep experience in LNG and shipping to deliver unrivaled market insights and intelligence to the global LNG industry. Trust Poten’s LNGas Database to ensure the information behind your proprietary analysis is competitive, reliable and comprehensive. For more information or to subscribe to LNGas, connect with our team at bi-info@poten.com.



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