Asphalt liquid is refined from crude oil. It is a key building block used in the paving of roads, the manufacturing of roof materials and other special uses including coatings and waterproofing applications.  Unlike most products refined from crude oil, asphalt liquid is used as a material rather than a fuel.  Its specifications and relevant properties are unique and different from fuel products like gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel and residual fuel oil.  Asphalt liquid plays a major role in the transportation infrastructure of countries around the globe. Asphalt must perform on various road surfaces that are subject to heavy loads, extreme heat and cold, wet and dry conditions, as well as freeze/thaw cycles.  It must remain durable for years ensuring reliable and safe roadways.

Poten & Partners has many years of experience in the asphalt industry with extensive expertise in asphalt pricing, analyzing market drivers, storage and transportation.  We closely monitor the asphalt markets and assess asphalt prices and market developments for our clients. In addition to our pricing services, Poten also performs single and multi-client studies on the asphalt industry. These studies include historical and future projections for asphalt supply, demand and pricing information, including analysis of key industry issues. The single-client project consulting work is tailored to meet each client’s needs including supply/demand and forecasts, support for asset acquisitions, asset investments and divestiture of assets.



Asphalt Weekly Monitor

The Asphalt Weekly Monitor is the leading asphalt market price reference publication, which includes weekly pricing assessments, as well as market analysis and industry developments for the US and Canada.  The assessments include asphalt paving cement and roofing flux prices for various regions and areas in the US and Canada.  The Asphalt Weekly Monitor’s asphalt and flux assessments serve as a benchmark for many producers, refiners, resellers, shippers and state DOTs.

The publication also provides insights, changes, and trends in area markets to help subscribers stay abreast of industry developments. To take advantage of current subscription rates fill out an order form and email Poten & Partners’ Asphalt Department. 

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Asphalt Price Data Download Service

Our Asphalt Price Data Download Service allows subscribers to download via an FTP site and in a flat file format, the price data as published in our Asphalt Weekly Monitor report. Subscribers will be sent a weekly email notification that the data for that week has been uploaded to the FTP site. Any price corrections/amendments from the Asphalt Weekly Monitor will also be downloadable. This is a data only service – no textual information from the report will be provided. 

This service is separate from the Asphalt Weekly Monitor, and discounted rates apply for Asphalt Weekly Monitor subscribers. For more information about our Asphalt Price Data Download Services contact the to Poten & Partners’ Asphalt Department.

Asphalt Historical Price Data

Poten & Partners offers historical pricing data sourced from the Asphalt Weekly Monitor.  Pricing data covers weekly assessments for regional and specific location marketing regions in the US and Canada.  US price data is available from 1990 to the present, and Canadian prices are available from 1995 to the present. Historical prices are widely used to determine industry trends, develop price relationships and analyze potential investments.  These prices have served as a benchmark for many producers, refiners, resellers, shippers and state DOTs. Poten & Partners also offers our weekly historical analysis of the US and Canadian asphalt industry, including prices, market development and alternate values.  

This data provides market intelligence and identifies price developments and trends.
Coverage includes asphalt prices for various regions and locations, paving cement and roofing flux, market developments, and alternative values for asphalt that influence the plans and strategies of market participants. For more information about our Asphalt Services contact the Poten & Partners’ Asphalt Department.

Asphalt Market Research and Consulting

We are a chief publisher of pricing and supply/demand publications covering the asphalt market in the United States and Canada.  Our publications are used extensively by refiners, marketers, materials companies, road construction companies, state departments of transportation, financial institutions and investment entities.

In addition to our publications, we are a leading advisor to companies and countries seeking assistance in this highly specialized industry.  Our consultants combine years of experience and analytical skills to provide our clients with a comprehensive understanding of asphalt markets.  Our retainer services, publications and multi-client reports provide comprehensive asphalt market information, commercial intelligence, advice on pricing and marketing issues, assessments and forecasts of spot prices, and analyses of production and consumption statistics. We strive to maintain a high level of confidentiality with our clients.

For more information about our Asphalt Research and Consulting Services please contact Don Wessel

DW“Our flagship asphalt market pricing report, the Asphalt Weekly Monitor, assesses retail and wholesale prices for asphalt liquid and roofing flux in the US and Canada.”
– Don Wessel


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