Business Intelligence Products

Poten & Partners is a leading source of business intelligence products aimed at providing clients with an edge in the global energy and freight markets.

We offer a wide range of business intelligence products that provide insight and analysis for the LNG, LPG, shipping and asphalt markets.

With a global network of analysts, consultants and reporters, Poten has unrivaled access to business intelligence, allowing us to provide clients with unique insight, analysis and market data.

Poten provides clients with independent analysis backed by more than 70 years of experience in the global energy, oil and ship brokerage markets. No other provider of business intelligence can offer the depth of knowledge, breadth of expertise and access to proprietary data that Poten delivers.

From industry-leading coverage of LNG and LPG markets, such as LNG market analysis and LPG consulting, to in-depth insight on a wide range of tanker brokerage markets, Poten offers solutions that enable clients to compete effectively in today’s dynamic markets. All this helps ensure that Poten clients are well-positioned to make business and trading decisions affecting their bottom lines.


Poten has relationships with a wide range of industry players across the full spectrum of the energy and freight markets. From producers of oil and gas through the midstream and transportation sectors to end-users, Poten serves all segments of the energy and freight industries, including:

  • Producers of oil, gas, petrochemicals and other energy products
  • Midstream players like fractionators, pipeline operators and terminals
  • Participants in the freight and transportation sectors like tanker owners, charterers and maritime service providers
  • Project developers
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • End-users such as power generators, utility companies, petrochemical buyers

Global reach

With nearly 200 employees in offices around the world, Poten is able to provide insight on markets globally. Our network has offices in key trading and shipping hubs around the world, including:

  • New York (Headquarters)
  • London
  • Houston
  • Singapore
  • Guangzhou
  • Athens
  • Perth
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