Global LNG Outlook

Poten’s Global LNG Outlook is a forward-looking report that provides short- and long-term structural forecasts.

Organized by value chain segments, Poten’s Global LNG Outlook includes ongoing supply and demand balances as well as price forecasts. Clients receive quarterly forecasts for the next two years and annually for 10 years.

Poten’s Global LNG Outlook also includes forward-looking information on engineering, procurement and construction for projects that could have a significant impact on market fundamentals.

Clients also receive detailed analysis of the LNG shipping market, including information on new builds and how new technologies could affect global balances.

In addition to in-depth analysis of trends that are affecting the markets, Poten’s Global LNG Outlook includes a data package that contains all of the supply, demand and pricing data as well as a section highlighting the changes that Poten analysts have made to the forecasts since the last edition. This data packages enables clients to draw their own scenarios or modify Poten’s assumptions going forward.

Poten’s Global LNG Outlook is the only off-the-shelf product that offers this range of short and long-term forecasting.

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