Global LNG Outlook

Detailed 10-year forecasts providing insight on the macro and microeconomic trends driving LNG

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Poten’s Global LNG Outlook provides a quarterly deep dive into the trends driving LNG projects, markets and the industry, delivering a 10-year structural forecast of supply, demand and price covering all global LNG imports and exports.

Each quarter, Poten’s Global LNG Outlook delivers:

Country-level supply and demand analytics

Detailed analysis of pricing trends

Focused content and data on LNG shipping

Historic and forward-looking data

In-depth market forecasting and insights

As liquefaction projects operating at high rates, Poten’s Global LNG Outlook covers today’s supply tightness as well as the race to contract, build and start up new projects around the world.

Bottom-up modeling focuses on drivers of demand, including shifts in generation fuel mixes, renewables, demand-side projects and changes in buyer and seller behavior

Proprietary models deliver specialized analysis of future trends for oil-related supply while monitoring the changes in LNG priced against gas hubs or specialized LNG benchmarks

Clients receive data on supply, demand, regasification and liquefaction capacity for all countries that import or export LNG as well as pricing 

Featured Content from Poten’s Global LNG Outlook

Poten’s Global LNG Outlook is a 10-year forecast of supply, demand and price covering all global importers and exporters, including:

Poten’s Global LNG Outlook provides essential information to LNG industry participants including:

LNG producers
Aggregators & portfolio players

End users

Strategic planners
Bankers and lenders

Market analysts

Commercial managers
EPC planners


Tailored Executive Briefing Service

Poten’s Global LNG Outlook clients can add an exclusive twice-yearly executive briefing service provided by our market specialists.

Focusing on supply, demand, pricing, changes to the LNG markets, shipping, and other critical topics, the Global LNG Outlook Executive Briefing is delivered via a tailored presentation either in-person or via video conferencing providing an interactive experience and opportunities to ask questions about Poten’s Global LNG Outlook forecasts and what they might mean for the industry. 

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Get to Know Poten’s LNG Business Intelligence Services

Actionable short term market intelligence

  • Monthly country-level forecasts
  • Global arbitrage analysis
  • Detailed data on future trade flows

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Analysis of LNG finance across the value chain

  • Annual ranking of LNG lenders
  • Detailed analysis of project lending
  • Intelligence on project finance structure
  • Insight on lending to the shipping sector

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A 10-year price, supply and demand forecast

  • 10-year projections
  • Bottom-up demand forecasts
  • LNG imports and exports
  • Special focus on shipping

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Insight on LNG markets, projects and the industry

  • Commercial and technical details of global projects across the value chain
  • Detailed coverage of spot markets with data and analysis on market fundamentals, price levels and trade flows
  • Shipping activity and technology developments

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