Webinar: European LPG Demand in a Stressed Natural Gas Market | November 15

Energy markets have been in transition owing largely to environmental concerns raising uncertainty over long-term decisions, and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis has added a twist as Europe has seen large-scale energy rationing as it scrambles for energy security. While these issues are sure to have a long lasting impact on regional energy dynamics, the sudden loss of Russian natural gas volumes has increased the potential demand for LPG.

Join our upcoming LPG market webinar as Poten presents a brief overview of the latest events in the Northwest European LPG market and expectations for the winter and the rest of 2023.

Topics to be addressed include:

• High natural gas prices compelling European industries to look for other alternatives – will LPG emerge as a winner? • The effects of tight regional gas supply on LPG trade flows • Will US production meet European LPG demand?

Presented by:

Zahid AfzalSenior LPG Analyst, Poten & Partners

Shantanu Bhushan, LPG Consultant, Poten & Partners


November 15, 2022

9 AM Houston | 10 AM New York | 3 PM London | 5 PM Athens | 6 PM Doha  | 7 PM Dubai | 11 PM Perth/Singapore


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