On-Demand Webinar| LNG Expansion: Global Impact, Challenges and Opportunities | September 27

The global LNG market is in flux, with significant new capacity under development in the US, Qatar and elsewhere even as commercial terms for future supply remain unclear. Recent FIDs in the US and expected projects, will boost supply likely putting downward pressure on prices by mid-decade. With Brent-related pricing seemingly peaking, all eyes are on the US to stabilize North American prices. In Asia Pacific, buyers seek long-term LNG but are resisting perceived high prices. In Europe, buyers appear to favor spot and short-term markets as elevated prices wane.

Join Poten’s panel of LNG analysts for a timely webinar as we examine the latest trends impacting the markets.

Topics to be addressed include:

• Americas LNG export build out: The race to bring new US LNG export terminals online is heating up, with several projects nearing FID. This will have a major impact on the global LNG market, with far-reaching implications for buyers, sellers and investors. Meanwhile, Canadian and Latin American projects are quietly progressing toward FID as well

• LNG contract pricing: It is a critical factor in determining the amount of capacity that will be built. Brent-related pricing appears to be stabilizing, while US pricing remains unclear in the absence of recent deals that offer insights into current levels

• Asia Pac markets: Asian buyers are seeking long-term LNG supply deals but are pushing back against what they perceive as high prices. Markets are also absorbing the impact of slower growth in China overall and its likely effect on future LNG demand

• European markets: Most European buyers continue to avoid longer-term contracts. However, forecasts indicate that Europe will require significant LNG supplies in the future. Balancing this need with decarbonization efforts and the temptation to return to Russian gas someday presents a complex challenge that Europe is actively addressing.


• Moderator: Jason Feer, Global Head of Business Intelligence, Poten & Partners

• Sergio Chapa, Senior LNG Analyst Americas, Poten & Partners

• Piers de Wilde, Senior LNG Analyst Europe, Poten & Partners

• Irwin Yeo, Senior LNG Analyst Asia-Pacific, Poten & Partners

View the webinar on-demand here:

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