On-Demand Webinar: Creating Optionality and Value: Trends in Long-Term Supply LNG Contracts

Long-term contracting activity has accelerated over the past year, both in the United States and other regions. What are sellers and buyers seeking in terms of optionality and value beyond the headline price? Is price the key driving factor when it comes to concluding long-term deals?

Join Poten’s LNG webinar series as our Head of Asia-Pacific Business Intelligence examines the latest trends in long-term supply LNG contracts.

Topics to be addressed include:

• Update on US LNG projects

• Global demand and supply outlook by region

• Key contracting activity in Asia by country

• Have Brent-linked contracts peaked and are prices set to reverse downwards?

• What sort of seller and buyer optionality are we seeing in the market for long-term SPAs?

Presented by: Kit Wong, Head of Asia-Pacific Business Intelligence, Poten & Partners

View the webinar on-demand here.

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