Asphalt Weekly Monitor

26 April 2024
  • East Coast retail asphalt pricing is higher in some areas, with flux pricing stable across the region.
  • Asphalt and flux barge pricing on the East Coast is steady with limited activity occurring.
  • Midwest barge markets had no sales reported. Rail sales were concluded in the upper part of the assessed price range from last week. Roofing flux markets were steady, with May not yet reported.
  • Midwest rack markets were mostly flat, with prices for May supply awaited.
  • Gulf Coast rack asphalt and flux rack pricing and assessments are status quo again this week.
  • Gulf Coast asphalt barges, flux barges and asphalt rail pricing all remain unchanged.
  • Rocky Mountain rack assessments firmed in a few spots, with other areas flat.
  • Wholesale asphalt is assessed in a narrower range for remaining April supply in the Rockies.
  • In the West Coast, both Pacific Northwest and California locations had flat pricing.
  • In western Canada, both retail and wholesale markets were steady this week.
  • In eastern Canada, Quebec market prices were lower, while Ontario markets had a higher range.
  • Oil prices were higher for all benchmark grades this week versus the previous week.
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