Asphalt Weekly Monitor

3 May 2024
  • East Coast retail asphalt pricing moved up in some areas, with flux pricing also higher in some areas.
  • Asphalt and flux barge pricing on the East Coast increased for all assessed areas this week.
  • Midwest wholesale markets were active, with price ranges holding steady for barges and rising for most supply by rail for May. Flux prices were steady for some suppliers and higher for others.
  • Midwest rack markets had few changes, with most prices holding flat.
  • Gulf Coast rack asphalt rack pricing and assessments rose in some areas, with flux retail prices flat.
  • Gulf Coast asphalt barges, flux barges and asphalt rail pricing all firmed to begin May.
  • Rocky Mountain rack assessments increased in several markets, while holding steady in the rest.
  • Wholesale asphalt prices in Rockies rose for May supply but remain mostly below Midwest markets.
  • In the West Coast, both Pacific Northwest and California locations had higher pricing for May.
  • In western Canada, retail markets were flat but wholesale prices moved up this week.
  • In eastern Canada, both Quebec and Ontario markets had flat pricing for the week.
  • Oil prices were notably lower for all benchmark grades this week versus the previous week.
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