Asphalt Weekly Monitor

19 April 2024
  • East Coast retail asphalt pricing firms in some areas, with flux pricing steady in the region.
  • Asphalt barge pricing on the East Coast firms with flux wholesale price assessments flat.
  • The Midwest barge and rail markets had no new sales reported and steady prices. Flux was flat.
  • Midwest rack markets had no reported price changes for this mid-April week.
  • Gulf Coast rack asphalt and flux rack pricing and assessments are unchanged for the week.
  • Gulf Coast asphalt barge assessment is up, with flux barges and asphalt rail pricing steady.
  • Rocky Mountain rack assessments are flat with the paving season getting underway there.
  • Wholesale asphalt prices were steady in the Rockies region for April supply.
  • In the West Coast, both Pacific Northwest and California locations had steady pricing.
  • In western Canada, both retail and wholesale markets were steady this week.
  • In eastern Canada, both Quebec and Ontario markets were flat, awaiting clarification on some prices.
  • Oil prices were lower for all benchmark grades this week versus the previous week.
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