On Demand Webinar: Rediscovering the Benefits of Long-Term LNG Commitments | May 25

As market participants grapple with the consequences of the war in Ukraine, some LNG and natural gas consumers have rediscovered the benefits of long-term commitments. European consumers are still waiting for guidance from their governments, but after an extended courtship with US LNG producers, Asian buyers and some aggregators have signed large-volume, long-term deals for millions of tons of new capacity.

Importers in Europe face difficult decisions as they try to balance the need to secure LNG supply and expand import infrastructure with concerns about the long-term competitiveness of LNG as they try to stay on track to meet decarbonization targets.

With more deals in the works, join Poten & Partners for a webinar focusing on this newfound appreciation for long-term arrangements.

Topics addressed include:

• Will European buyers take the plunge and start signing long-term LNG contracts?

• How will Europe address bottlenecks in import capacity? Are FSRUs the answer?

• How might the current crisis affect decarbonization goals?

• Will the current wave of new contracts enable US LNG projects to move to FID?

• What does pricing look like for this new wave of projects?

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May 25, 2022

9 AM Houston | 10 AM New York | 3 PM London |

5 PM Athens/Doha  | 6 PM Dubai |

10 PM Perth/Singapore

Presented by:

Jason Feer, Global Head of Business Intelligence, Poten & Partners

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