On-Demand Webinar | New Challenges Emerge for US LNG Projects | September 21

US LNG export projects are capturing the demand surge and so far this year two of them have secured funding and started construction, with others poised to follow suit. Previously, attracting hesitant customers was the main challenge. Now, customers are more eagerly seeking supply, but to sign them up US project sponsors will need to tackle increases in capital expenditure and a rise in funding costs.

Stream now our upcoming webinar on September 21 for an update from Poten & Partners on the interplay between LNG finance and contracting.

Topics addressed include:

• What makes projects bankable • What the upward pressure on funding costs means for project developers • Why construction costs are increasing • The effects of cost escalation on contract pricing and the ramifications for contract negotiations

September 21, 2022

9 AM Houston | 10 AM New York | 3 PM London | 5 PM Athens/Doha  | 6 PM Dubai | 10 PM Perth/Singapore

Presented by: 

Melanie Lovatt, LNG Finance Advisor, Poten & Partners Sophie Tan, Managing Editor, Poten & Partners


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