On-Demand Webinar: LPG Market Outlook: Recovery Hits A Snag | October 1

Jessica Lampi
LPG demand recovery hit a snag in the past two months following a quick rebound in the second quarter. While the decline in US NGL production appears less steep with robust LPG exports lending support to the shipping market, concerns remain around US production growth going into 2021. Meanwhile, the Covid-19 threat and ongoing uncertainty in the global commodity markets present a hazy outlook for LPG.

Stream now as we discuss the current market landscape and share Poten’s long-term view on supply, demand and shipping markets.

Topics addressed: • The near-term and long-term outlook for US and Middle East production • Will LPG supply continue to create demand in the long-term? • An update on VLGC supply & demand and key factors driving shipping rates

Presented by:

• Zahid AfzalSenior LPG AnalystPoten & Partners • Shantanu BhushanLPG Consultant, Poten & Partners

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