On-Demand Webinar: LNG Freight Derivatives: Why the industry needs FFAs now more than ever | May 19

Jessica Lampi
After an extremely volatile period on both the underlying gas and freight markets recently, the need for hedging LNG shipping is more prominent than it has ever been. As forecasts for shipping have been extremely hard to call lately, now is the time to look closer at risk management for LNG freight exposure. Join Ben Woodbridge, Poten’s head of LNG FFAs, as he highlights the benefits of freight derivatives in the current climate and an introduction to how they function and how to join the market. Topics to be addressed: • Looking back over recent extreme movements • The increase of shipping exposure • The basic fundamentals of how FFAs functions • How to begin and gain access to the market STREAM NOW! Presented by: Ben Woodbridge, Head of LNG FFAs May 19 9 AM Houston | 10 AM New York | 3 PM London | 5 PM Athens / Doha | 6 PM Dubai | 10 PM Perth/Singapore STREAM NOW
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