On-Demand Webinar: After the Storm: Global LNG Markets Stabilize as Hurricane Season Starts | September 2

Jessica Lampi
As the northern hemisphere transitions into the fall, join Poten’s panel of analysts for a live discussion on markets, industry developments and the business landscape for LNG in the remainder of 2020.

Topics addressed include: • US arbs through the end of the year • Market risks, hurricanes, the resurgence of Covid-19, politics • Future Russian pipeline flows into Europe • Freight markets • Asian demand outlook and are there still long-term buyers looking for deals before the end of the year

Panelists include: • (Moderator) Jason Feer, Global Head of Business Intelligence • Jefferson Clarke, Head of LNG Shipping Analytics • Oleg Vukmanovic, Head of European LNG Business Intelligence • Kit Wong, Head of South Asia and Middle East Business Intelligence


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