On-Demand Webinar: 2022 LNG Market Preview: More Volatility Likely Ahead | January 12

Jessica Lampi

LNG prices have fallen sharply in the past several weeks, but the market is still facing unprecedented tightness. Global LNG imports were at their highest level in December, but storage in Europe remains extremely low. Given the strong demand and limited expectations for supply growth, how will the 2022 market shape up? Will the volatility and high prices continue or will the weather and markets allow for more orderly markets?

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Topics discussed:

• Global supply outlook by month: When will the market be the tightest and will there be any relief?

• Will seasonal demand changes provide some relief or will low storage levels keep the pressure on prices?

• Where will demand growth be the strongest?

• When and where can we expect demand destruction?

• How will the shipping market behave in light of market conditions?

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