Asphalt Weekly Monitor

20 Mar 2020

  • East Coast rack activity is increasing, with some retail asphalt pricing lower – flux prices flat.    
  • Asphalt barge prices are sharply lower on the East Coast, with flux barges status quo.    
  • Midwest retail asphalt prices reduced in areas this week, as some suppliers adjust levels. 
  • Midwest wholesale asphalt markets assessed slightly lower, awaiting April price negotiations and reports.  Flux markets were steady for remaining March supply.             
  • Gulf Coast retail flux prices steady, with some areas having lower asphalt pricing.       
  • Barge prices on the Gulf Coast for asphalt decline sharply, with flux price levels steadfast.
  • Rocky Mountain retail prices were mostly steady, awaiting spring activity.  Wholesale price ranges are assessed modestly lower this week.  Some refineries are reducing runs.         
  • West Coast markets eased lower in some areas for asphalt liquid.  Flux is unchanged.         
  • Most western Canada retail prices were lower this week.  Alberta wholesale prices were also in a lower and wider range this week.
  • Asphalt prices were unchanged in both Quebec and Ontario markets. 
  • Oil prices plunged again, due to growing fears of slowing demand caused by COVID-19 virus pandemic and the dispute between Russia, Saudi Arabia/OPEC on production levels.
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