Webinar: Floating Storage and Oil Tanker Markets: What’s Next? | June 11

Jessica Lampi

The tanker market has come down from its dizzying highs, in large part because the oil markets are more balanced and – as a result – the demand for floating storage has dissipated. However, there are still more than 250 million barrels of crude oil floating on the oceans around the world. What will happen with this oil?

Stream our webinar now for an update on floating storage and the tanker markets from Poten & Partners.

Topics addressed:
• Does it still make sense to store oil on tankers?
• What kind of decisions does a charterer make throughout this process?
• Where is the oil in floating storage located?
• How will the floating storage situation unwind?
• How about those Iranian barrels?
• Opportunity for Q&A

Erik Broekhuizen, Head of Tanker Research & Consulting

Date & Time: 
June 11, 10 AM Eastern | 9 AM Central | 2 PM GMT

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