APAC LNG webinar May 20

Webinar: Bargain Hunting: Asia Pac LNG Buyers Look for Deals Amid Market Chaos | May 20

Jessica Lampi

Asian buyers are seeking long-term supply as the Covid-19 pandemic, a plunge in crude oil prices and the global oversupply of LNG create buying opportunities. Across the region, buyers are tentatively moving into the market as a chaotic market gives them more leverage in negotiations and sellers are motivated to offer greater LNG contract flexibility and more competitive pricing.

Stream our LNG webinar to hear Poten discuss these market dynamics in the Asia Pacific region.

Topics to be addressed include:

• Update on the short-term global outlook
• Recent long-term contracting activity in Asia and price indexation
• Factors affecting on long-term prices
• Recent buyers’ demand for contract optionality and flexibility
• Are sellers capitulating to buyers’ contractual demands?

Presented by Kit Wong, Head of Middle East and South AsiaPoten & Partners

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