Guyana Revisted

April 16, 2021 A welcome new addition to the crude oil export markets In October 2019, we wrote a Weekly Opinion entitled “Guyana Gusher”.  We described the enormous potential of this new Atlantic Basin oil producer that was planning to start exporting oil in the beginning of 2020, growing its output to 120,000 b/d in 2021 and eventually targeting 750,000 b/d in 2025.  Back in 2019, we did not know where the oil was going to be exported to and which tanker segments were likely to benefit most.  Obviously, the original plans pre-dated the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting turmoil in the oil markets and things will have changed.  In this Weekly Tanker Opinion, we will take a look back at how 2020 and the beginning of 2021 developed for Guyana as compared to our original expectations. To read the full article, please fill out the form.
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