LNG Market Outlook: LNG supply rising to meet demand growth in Asia by 2024

This current feature was extracted from the latest edition of Poten’s LNG Market Outlook, a monthly service published on June 29, 2022.

The future of global LNG supply is a key concern given the scarcity of today’s market. High prices have incentivized LNG producers to maximize operations and produce above nameplate capacity but that is still not enough to satiate consumers on the demand side of the equation. The US is forecast to lead the way in terms of supply growth between 2022 and 2024 with exports rising by 11.4 MMt from 79 MMt/y in 2022 to 90.3 MMt/y by 2024. Without the outage at Freeport, US exports could have reached roughly 85 MMt/y this year.

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