Traders and Aggregators Dominated Global Contracting as Buyers and Sellers in 2020

LNG in World Markets January 2021 Traders and aggregators continued their dominance of global LNG markets, participating in deals totaling more than 21 MMt/y of the nearly 29 MMt/y of confirmed transactions of two years or longer done last year. Despite a raging pandemic that disrupted project development, global demand, and trading patterns, Poten identified 26 final sales and purchase agreements covering 28.8 MMt/y. This represented an increase of 4.4 MMt/y, about 18% higher than 2019 levels. Poten also saw another 14 pending SPAs, heads-of-agreements and 1-year term deals signed, totaling 11.5 MMt. To read the full opinion, click here.
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