LNG Finance in World Markets

This quarterly publication provides in-depth information and analysis of the LNG funding activity. It also offers insights on deals that are being prepped for the LNG marine market behind the scenes. This unique report offers clients LNG financing studies that include detailed information and analysis on global efforts to secure LNG project financing. It also includes LNG market analysis and LNG-related infrastructure and transportations ventures, as well as LNG commercial advice. All issues include updates on the status of major projects that are currently seeking finance, as well as in-depth reporting on specific projects expected to have a significant impact on the sector. Some of the topics covered in every issue include:
  • Bond issues by LNG project developers,
  • Unique financial structures being implemented by banks, project developers or other market participants,
  • The impact of sanctions on LNG project development,
  • The performance of LNG industry equities,
  • Detailed information on the status of key LNG projects and LNG price data
  • Coverage of policy and regulatory decisions that affect the LNG industry, markets or specific projects
  • M&A and other transactions affecting the LNG sector
LNG Finance in World Markets also includes detailed data on project finance in global markets, information on the composition and shareholdings of consortia financing LNG projects View a sample of our LNG Finance in World Markets publication. Contact Poten to discuss how our Business Intelligence Products can benefit you.
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