Asphalt Weekly Monitor

1 Oct 2021
  • Retail asphalt prices held mostly steady in East Coast asphalt and flux markets.
  • East Coast asphalt barge prices eased lower, while flux barge prices were steady.
  • Midwest wholesale sales activity spanned wider price ranges for both barges and rail supply. Flux prices were mostly steady with good demand for product.
  • Midwest retail markets had few price changes, with limited adjustments to selling ranges.
  • Gulf Coast retail asphalt and flux price assessments were unchanged to start October.
  • Gulf Coast asphalt barge sales prices were in a broad range on multiple deals, while flux barge prices remain steady.
  • Rocky Mountain states had active paving and few price adjustments this week.
  • Rockies wholesale prices were in a steady and broad range for October supply.
  • In West Coast, some Pacific Northwest locations had higher pricing.
  • California markets were flat.
  • In western Canada, retail markets were flat but wholesale prices were up this week.
  • Eastern Canada markets were static this week for both Quebec and Ontario locations.
  • Oil prices were up sharply again for all benchmark grades, by more than $2 a barrel.
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