Asphalt Weekly Monitor

19 Feb 2021 • There was severe winter weather across the country this week affecting markets. • Retail asphalt firmed in much of the East Coast, with retail flux pricing steady. • East Coast asphalt and flux wholesale prices remained unchanged this week. • The Midwest region gets frigid weather conditions. A few markets are assessed higher amidst little activity. Others are unchanged. Flux markets were steady. • Midwest wholesale asphalt prices were steady, with March prices under negotiation. • Gulf Coast retail asphalt prices are assessed up in most locations, with flux prices static. • Wholesale asphalt prices firmed on the Gulf Coast, while flux barge pricing held fast. • Rocky Mountain region gets cold weather, with only a few selling price adjustments. • Rocky Mountain wholesale asphalt prices were steady, with demand strong. • West Coast markets were generally steady this week. • Western Canada retail and wholesale markets were status quo. • Both Quebec and Ontario markets were within previous week assessed price levels. • Oil prices were slightly higher for most benchmark grades. • U.S. energy industry suffers power outages, oil and gas production cuts, and refinery outages, due to prolonged freezing temperatures in Texas and nearby states.
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