Asphalt Weekly Monitor

29 May 2020

  • Paving activity in the U.S. restarted on Tuesday, following the Memorial Day Holiday.
  • East Coast retail asphalt prices declined in most areas with flux retail pricing unchanged.
  • Asphalt barge prices firm on the East Coast, with flux barge pricing status quo.
  • Retail markets in the Midwest were almost all unchanged this last week of May.    
  • Midwest wholesale barge and rail prices continued to rise on some higher priced sales. Flux was steady for May, with June prices to be noted next week.
  • Refineries in the Midwest are at reduced levels, but are expected to rise in the coming months.
  • Gulf Coast retail asphalt pricing declines in most areas, with flux retail pricing unchanged.
  • Barge pricing for asphalt firms, with flux barge pricing flat in the Gulf Coast.
  • Rocky Mountain retail prices were flat this week, with no significant changes reported.  
  • Rocky Mountain wholesale prices were steady for May supply, with June noted next week.
  • West Coast markets were mostly active this week, with no price changes.
  • In western Canada, both retail and wholesale prices were at the previous levels this week.
  • Both Quebec and Ontario market prices were steady this week, with increased activity.
  • Oil prices slipped lower for all benchmark grades, mostly due to sharp U.S. oil inventory increase per EIA data this week.
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