Asphalt Weekly Monitor

30 Jun 2017
  • Canada markets slowed as the country celebrates Canada Day on Saturday, July 1.
  • East Coast retail asphalt prices slip in some areas, with flux prices unchanged.
  • East Coast wholesale asphalt and flux prices are status quo to close out June.
  • Midwest wholesale prices reported lower this week for asphalt cement. Flux is static.
  • Midwest selling ranges were static, but some suppliers cut rack prices in specific locations.
  • Gulf Coast asphalt and flux retail prices are steadfast for the week.
  • Wholesale asphalt and flux pricing on the Gulf Coast holds steady.
  • Rocky Mountain retail prices are unchanged this week. Wildfires were noted in some areas.
  • Rockies wholesale prices were flat for remaining June supply.
  • West Coast selling ranges held steady–wildfires were a problem in some areas.
  • Western Canada asphalt selling and posted prices are flat.
  • Retail price assessments and posted prices are unchanged in Quebec. MTQ held a tender.
  • Selling and posted price ranges went down this week in Ontario.
  • Crude oil bounced from last week’s lows–benchmark grades rise (see Crude Oil Highlights).
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