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LNG & Natural Gas Advisory

From the industry’s early commercial activities, Poten & Partners has been the premier service provider for the global LNG and natural gas business. With the largest and most experienced team of LNG and natural gas advisors in the world, Poten is ideally suited to provide a wide range of services to participants in the natural gas industry. We provide advice across the entire value chain; from gas supply, pipelines and liquefaction plants to shipping, terminals, trading and gas marketing.

Our Advisory team works closely with clients on a day-to-day basis, providing customized advice and solutions tailored to each client’s needs. From initial concept selection, feasibility studies and market analysis to project due diligence, commercial advice, negotiation support and market strategy, Poten provides professional guidance for established and new participants.

Our LNG and Natural Gas Advisors are based in Poten’s regional offices in the major business centers of Houston, New York, London, Singapore and Perth to assure quick and responsive service.

Poten’s multi-disciplinary team combines:

  • Technical, engineering and cost estimating expertise for natural gas and LNG development ventures, including gas treatment, liquefaction, gas based chemicals and gas pipelines provided by our Merlin Advisors subsidiary
  • Marine and shipping expertise covering technical and commercial
  • Market knowledge for natural gas and LNG, both long and short term forecasts, including detailed expertise in electric power markets
  • Commercial and marketing expertise for natural gas, based on a thorough understanding of historic precedents (over thirty years of data) and the latest trends

For oil and gas exploration and production companies and LNG project developers, Poten can help maximize the value of stranded gas finds including:

  • Natural gas utilization master plans and strategic studies
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for LNG and other gas uses, including floating and barge mounted liquefaction
  • Pre-FEED and plant location studies
  • Tender preparation for FEED and specialist studies
  • Cost estimating and benchmarking
  • Technology evaluation
  • Global, regional and country natural gas and LNG market projections
  • Price evaluations including projections reflective of norms and trends
  • Negotiation support with gas buyers (including LNG SPAs), governments and other stakeholders
  • Preparation of shipping strategies and shipping optimization

 For gas utilities and potential gas purchasers, Poten:

  • Screens and evaluates supply options
  • Assists in negotiating LNG SPAs and gas sales agreements
  • Evaluates the feasibility of LNG and natural gas imports, including LNG terminal design both onshore and floating regasification units
  • Advises on the short term market for LNG

For LNG Regasification Terminal developers, Poten & Partners provides:

  • Technical and commercial pre-feasibility, concept selection and regulatory issues
  • Project structure, analysis of terminal economics and tariff setting
  • Terminal Use Agreements and Third Party Access

 To assist in LNG project financing and equity transactions, Poten provides:

  • Early stage advice on financing
  • Due Diligence to support equity and debt for projects, including technical, marine and market aspects

LPG Consulting

Our team of consultants assists clients in LPG, NGL and related liquefied gas industries including basic petrochemicals. Supported by comprehensive research, consulting services include analysis of the interface between NGLs and petrochemicals production, recommendations on marketing and shipping strategies, and provide guidance on new investment opportunities.

Poten also has been instrumental in developing numerous large shipping projects. Assignments have included shipyard contracts for new construction and vessel conversions, sales and purchases of individual ships as well as entire fleets, transportation swaps, floating storage arrangements, and long-term charters for the transportation of crude oil, refined products, LNG and LPG.

Tanker Research and Consulting

Poten & Partners tanker research and consulting group monitors and analyzes tanker market and energy developments around the world and advises companies on strategy development and implementation.

Our firm assists companies in the development of marine transportation strategies, downstream project analysis and tanker market outlooks. Our team combines extensive industry experience with leading market intelligence to deliver in-depth studies and effective recommendations. With backgrounds in marine transportation planning, finance and economics, our consultants are uniquely positioned to develop short and long-term studies for clean product and crude tankers as well as specialized analyses on the regulatory changes impacting tanker owners, oil companies, traders and other industry participants.

In addition, our team is frequently called upon to prepare pricing analyses, global supply and demand projections, and tailored market analyses for leading energy companies and major world governments.

Our services include:

  • Market analysis, long and short term forecasting and special studies in industry trends
  • Rate & Price outlooks for each of the crude oil and product tanker segments
  • Regional analysis of trade volumes, commodity supply and demand trends, pricing and contracts
  • Historical rate & price assessments
  • Detailed analysis of reported spot fixtures by region and vessel segment
  • Tanker chartering strategy development and implementation

Asphalt Consulting Services

We are a leading publisher of pricing and supply/demand publications covering the asphalt market in the United States and Canada.  Our publications are used extensively by refiners, marketers, materials companies, road construction companies, state departments of transportation, financial institutions and investment entities.  

 Poten & Partner’s also advises companies and countries seeking assistance in this highly specialized industry.  Our consultants combine years of experience and analytic skills to provide our clients with a extensive understanding of asphalt markets.  Our retainer services, publications and multi-client reports provide comprehensive asphalt market information, commercial intelligence, advice on pricing and marketing issues, assessments and forecasts of spot prices, and analyses of production and consumption statistics. We strive to maintain a high level of confidentiality with our clients. 

Sources: Hero image courtesy of Woodside Energy Ltd.

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