LNG Liquefaction Projects

Receive hands-on training from the largest group of LNG specialists in the industry.

Please join us to experience Poten’s LNG training.

It is the by-product of the last ten years of our internally designed and tested LNG Boot Camp used to enhance the caliber of our own workforce.

The course will provide a grounding in the commercial / economic aspects of the LNG liquefaction business and the technical, market and marine components of this sector. The course will have a strong focus on North American LNG and the particular issues these projects bring.

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Course overview

Introduction to LNG

Discussion on the LNG value chain

Traditional LNG business models.

Global Gas and LNG Markets

Origins of LNG trade and today’s pattern.

Swaps, Diversions and Reloads.

LNG Value Chain in Detail

Upstream, Liquefaction

Shipping and Regasification

Economics of LNG

Capital costs and sunk costs

Gas procurement and Shipping economics

Contractual Structures

Business structures

Contract types

Business Environment

Revocation risk, Safety,

Government and Environmental issues

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