LPG Portal

Poten’s LPG Portal provides unique data and analysis wherever and whenever clients need it. With global balances, forecasts, trade data and more, the LPG Portal is an indispensable tool for understanding changing conditions in key markets, keeping up with LPG shipping and following trends affecting the industry and markets.

Global Balances

The LPG Portal provides supply-demand balances, historical data and forecasts out to 2025. Clients also receive a breakdown of the sources of supply (gas plants and refineries), demand drivers by segment (retail and large bulk) as well as forecasts of imports and exports.

Unique Market Data

Poten’s LPG Portal includes unique data on LPG contracts signed the previous year, including volumes and pricing terms, among other information. Clients also receive historical pricing data dating back to 2008, up to the most recent full year. 

Market Insights & Presentations

Clients receive access to periodic presentations focused on global LPG markets, shipping, commodity pricing, trade patterns and other critical topics. The market presentations are updated occasionally as market conditions change and provide additional insight for clients looking to gain a greater understanding of LPG market dynamics and freight markets. There are individual presentations covering the VLGC, LGC, MGC and semi-refrigerated shipping market.

Trade Data

Clients receive trade data for all key exporting and importing countries. The dataset includes historical import and export data dating back to 2009, as well as forecasts by country for the next five years as well as a snapshot out to 2025. The data are presented in pivot tables that provide easier accessibility. All data are downloadable. Additional historical data on supply, demand and trade are included.

Freight Rate & Fleet Data

Clients have access to monthly data on the Baltic rate per ton on the key Ras Tanurah-Chiba route. The data are updated every month and date back to 1990. Additional data include TCE rates, time charter deals and data on spot fixtures. The LPG Portal also includes extensive tables of vessel sales,
deliveries and order books, allowing users to track the evolution of the LPG fleet.


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