New Chinese Tenders Aim to Meet Big Demand from Coal-to-Gas Switching

15 May 2018: 

China’s state-owned companies are tapping the market for more LNG supply via a fresh round of tenders as gas demand is expected to rise significantly on coal-to-gas switching policies.

Guangzhou Gas issued an expression of interest for 648,800 t/y in a 15-year deal starting in 2019 and running through 2034, delivered into CNOOC’s Guangdong Dapeng terminal. A shortlist of three suppliers will be chosen for the second round.

Guangzhou Gas represents a consortium of gas distributors that are shareholders in the Guangdong Dapeng terminal. They include Hong Kong & China Gas, Shenzhen Gas, Dongguan Energy Investment and Foshan Gas. They have a total of 24% of equity interests in Dapeng and asked operator CNOOC for 648,800-t/y of third-party access. Details of the access are still being discussed.

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