Lloyd’s List: Michael D. Tusiani, 100 Hundred Most Influential People in the Shipping Industry

“Lloyd’s List has named Michael D. Tusiani, Chairman and CEO of Poten & Partners, to its 100 Hundred Most Influential People in the Shipping Industry. “From exclusive Third Avenue offices with sweeping views over midtown New York, Michael Tusiani presides over North America’s leading tanker brokerage and energy consultancy, lending particular expertise that has shaped the development of the most capital-intensive end of shipping: liquefied natural gas carriers. Where there’s oil, there’s money – and the ebullient New Yorker is one the first ports of call when big energy shipping companies seek research and insight as they contemplate major strategic or investment decisions. Having helped shape Poten & Partners since beginning there in 1973, Tusiani is able to claim longstanding business relationships with some of the world’s key shipowners, oil company executives and investment banks. A former economist, Mr Tusiani, 62, sold his Poten shares in an employee buyout in around 2007 and settled for an advisory role, but he continues to offer a combination of commercial savvy and intellectual leadership to the company’s 150 employees, over six offices worldwide. After nearly four decades in shipping, Michael Tusiani well understands the sector’s personality and ego-driven culture and has the respect and ear of many of the biggest names also in the Lloyd’s List Top 100. He is not also only a senior fellow at Columbia University’s Center for Energy, Marine Transportation and Public Policy, but also the author of two books on the petroleum shipping industry. His views and opinions have been widely published in august publications over the years, including the Wall Street Journal, tackling the major themes that have beset the oil and gas industry.”
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