Boston 25 News: Imported gas to help power Boston homes this winter

Abdullah Alazzaz
28 January 2018: “The fact that there’s a Russian cargo would seem to indicate that the buyer was willing to pay the price that the Russian seller was willing to accept,” said Jason Feer, head of business intelligence at Poten & Partners Inc. Feer tells Boston 25 News almost all the liquid natural gas arriving in New England by boat comes from another country because of current restrictions on shipping at U.S. ports. “Because there are no U.S. flagged LNG vessels currently, you can’t move LNG from the U.S. Gulf Coast to the U.S. Northeast,” Feer said. “Even though the U.S. is exporting LNG out of the gulf coast under law because of lack of U.S. flagged vessels, the U.S. has to import from somewhere.” With a massive natural gas pipeline project on hold in the region, Feer says the area will have to continue relying on it being imported. Feer believes the arrival of Russian cargo in Boston is a sign of an expanding global market.   To read full article, click here.
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