Asphalt Weekly Monitor

28 Jun 2019

  • East Coast retail asphalt prices mostly flat, with some modest weakening, flux prices steady.    
  • Wholesale asphalt and flux barge ranges were steady again on the East Coast.
  • Midwest areas had some better paving weather, with retail prices unchanged.
  • Midwest wholesale asphalt prices were mostly reported at lower levels this week. Flux was flat.  High water was slowly receding on the river system, benefiting affected terminals.
  • Gulf Coast retail asphalt and flux prices hold steady for the week, with no changes noted.   
  • The wholesale asphalt and flux prices were steady on the Gulf Coast this week.
  • Rocky Mountain areas again had steady retail and wholesale prices.    
  • West Coast asphalt and flux prices were unchanged. The Alaska Index increased modestly.
  • Asphalt retail and wholesale prices were steady in western Canada.
  • Posted and retail selling ranges were status quo in both Quebec and Ontario markets.
  • WTI and WCS crudes moved up this week. However, Brent crude slipped.
  • Philadelphia Energy Solutions to Close Refinery (See Industry News)
  • Canada Approves Expansion of Controversial Trans Mountain Pipeline (See Industry News)
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