Asphalt Weekly Monitor

10 May 2019

  • East Coast retail asphalt prices mostly steady, with flux prices unchanged this week.  
  • Wholesale asphalt barge pricing was notably higher, with flux prices flat on the East Coast.
  • Some Midwest retail prices rise modestly this week.
  • Midwest wholesale price ranges rise, as April prices no longer apply. Barge activity limited by high water on the rivers throughout the Midwest down to the Gulf.  Flux prices were flat.       
  • Gulf Coast retail asphalt and flux prices mostly steady for the week, with some firming.   
  • Wholesale asphalt prices narrowed modeslty on the Gulf Coast – flux barge prices unmoved.
  • A few Rockies retail locations assessed a bit higher. The wholesale price range increased.
  • West Coast markets firm modestly for some Pacific Northwest and California locations. Higher flux prices were reported for southern California.   
  • Activity in western Canada remains limited. Alberta wholesale prices are static this week.
  • Eastern Canada retail selling and posted prices are unchanged from previous week’s levels.
  • Oil prices slipped this week for benchmark grades, with global economic slowdown worries.
  • Maine DOT Cancels Road Projects Due to Increased Costs
  • Marathon Petroleum Stops the Garyville Louisiana Refinery Coker 3 Project.
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