Asphalt Weekly Monitor

29 Mar 2019

  • East Coast retail asphalt prices firm in some isolated areas, with flux prices flat this week.  
  • Wholesale asphalt and flux barge prices unmoved on the East Coast.
  • Some prices rise in Missouri late in the week. Other Midwest retail markets are unchanged. 
  • Midwest wholesale barge/rail asphalt prices continue to firm. Flux prices were unchanged.      
  • Gulf Coast retail asphalt amd flux prices go higher in some areas for the week.   
  • Wholesale asphalt and flux pricing firmed somewhat this week in the Gulf Coast.
  • Rocky Mountain selling prices are flat for retail/wholesale asphalt this last week of March.    
  • West Coast markets were generally steady as March comes to a close.       
  • Western Canada asphalt retail and wholesale prices are steady this week.
  • Posted and retail selling prices moved higher both in Quebec and in Ontario this week.
  • Crude markets rise about $1/Bbl this week. WTI crude ended the week at about $60/Bbl.
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