Asphalt Weekly Monitor

22 Feb 2019

  • East Coast retail asphalt and flux prices were status quo this late-winter week.  
  • Wholesale barge prices continue to rise in East Coast markets on higher cost supply.
  • Midwest retail markets were mostly quiet and steady this week. Racks had little activity.    
  • Reported Midwest wholesale barge sales were at higher prices this week. Rail was unchanged.  Midwest wholesale supply is limited and buying interest is strong.  
  • Gulf Coast retail asphalt and flux prices were unchanged for the week.   
  • Wholesale asphalt prices rise again this week for barges/cargoes in the Gulf Coast. Demand remains strong for asphalt volumes.  Flux prices were steady this week.    
  • Rockies areas racks had flat prices in almost all areas. Demand was sparse.   
  • February Rockies wholesale asphalt prices were steady for this last full week of the month.      
  • West Coast markets were generally steady, with poor weather limiting activity in most areas.          
  • Western Canada markets are quiet this week. No reported changes were noted.
  • In Eastern Canada base grade asphalt prices were steady this week.
  • Crude oil prices firmed again this week for all the benchmark grades.
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