Asphalt Weekly Monitor

25 Jan 2019

  • East Coast retail asphalt and flux prices are unchanged for the week.
  • Asphalt barge prices rose, with flux barge prices flat on the East Coast.
  • Midwest retail markets were quiet and steady this week.  Rack activity was scant.  
  • Midwest wholesale asphalt markets firmed a bit, with flux prices steady. Midwest refiners are heading into turnaround season–some asphalt producers scheduled for unit shutdowns.   
  • Gulf Coast retail asphalt and flux prices are status quo for the week.
  • Asphalt barge market prices move up on the Gulf Coast, with flux barge markets status quo.
  • Rocky Mountain selling ranges held steady. January wholesale asphalt prices were steady, but refinery crude costs have risen over the last month or so. 
  • West Coast asphalt and flux prices were unchanged.     
  • Western Canada remains quiet and static this week. Alberta wholesale prices are steady.
  • Eastern Canada retail selling prices are unchanged, with some new posted prices noted.
  • Effective 2019, the MTQ will be requesting Performance Grade Asphalt taking into account MSCR specifications (See Quebec Asphalt Posted Prices/Quebec Postings).
  • Crude oil prices slipped lower this week for all the benchmark grades of crude oils.


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