Asphalt Weekly Monitor

Marissa Zeitinger

28 Dec 2018

  • Markets had little reported activity this winter holiday week. Winter set into northern areas.
  • East Coast markets were steady and quiet. Retail asphalt and flux price ranges are flat.  
  • Barge prices were steady in East Coast. Asphalt and flux barge ranges are unchanged.
  • Snowfall fell in northern areas of the Midwest. Some retail rack price reductions were reported, with assessments lowered in some locations.  Flux prices were steady this week.
  • .Midwest wholesale asphalt barge range slipped on a noted sale, with rail and flux steady.   
  • Gulf Coast retail prices were flat, with flux unchanged. Very wet conditions limited activity.
  • Barge markets were generally steady in the Gulf Coast.
  • Rocky Mountain selling ranges were static.
  • West Coast asphalt prices were unchanged. Flux prices were steady too.       
  • Western Canada is mostly quiet, with retail and wholesale prices unchanged this week.
  • Canada prices were static, with racks quiet or closed.
  • Crude prices moved lower this week, with WTI near $45, and Brent near $53 a barrel.
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