Asphalt Weekly Monitor

Marissa Zeitinger

21 Dec 2018

  • East Coast retail asphalt prices and flux were static going into the holiday weekend.
  • East Coast asphalt barge prices headed lower on activity. Flux barge prices were steady.
  • Midwest retail asphalt markets were flat this week, but some flux ranges moved lower.
  • Midwest wholesale asphalt price ranges were mostly steady this week for barges and rail. Flux moved lower on some reports. 
  • Gulf Coast retail asphalt prices were unchanged. Some flux price ranges decline.
  • The Gulf Coast asphalt barge prices fell again on sales activity. Flux barges are flat.
  • Rocky Mountain region selling ranges were mostly steady, with wholesale unchanged.
  • West Coast asphalt markets were mostly steady. Flux prices assessed in lower ranges.       
  • Western Canada asphalt retail prices are steadfast. Alberta wholesale is also flat.
  • Canada retail prices are steady. Some QC suppliers ceased posted prices until spring.
  • Crude prices moved sharply lower this week for most benchmark grades on a weakening economic outlook and surplus crude oil availability.
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